Is India not a racist society ?

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Consider the following: (1) Do we not prefer white coloured skin to dark coloured skin among men and women ? (2) Do fair complexioned girls not have a better prospect for marriage ? iIn matrimonial ads why is it often mentioned that the girl is fair complexioned ?

(3) When a baby is born, why do grandmothers become happy if the baby’s complexion is ‘saaf’ i.e. fair ? (4) When I was in Tamilnadu ( as Chief Justice ) I saw that almost all roadside hoarding ads showed girls with fair complexion, not dark complexion (5) Why are there creams ( e.g. ‘Fair and Lovely’ cream ) to make one’s skin colour fairer ? Why not creams which make it darker ?

(6) The word ‘varna’ in the expression ‘varna vyavastha’ ( i.e. caste system ) literally means ( in Sanskrit ) colour (7) Even today, ‘upper castes’ are proportionately fairer in complexion than scheduled castes ( though it is true that there are also several dark coloured.upper caste people, and several fair coloured SCs )

 This supports the theory that at one time in our history a white coloured race entered India and conquered a dark coloured race. It is well known that the conquerors impose their values, and since the conqueror was white coloured, white skin was regarded superior to dark skin. Colour is really relative. If a dark coloured race had conquered a fair coloured race, then dark skin would have been regarded as superior.

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