Press Club Elections 2023 Violate Delhi High Court’s Orders of 2010

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Yashwant Singh-

The Press Club of India comes under the Companies Act: 1956. Thus Press Club of India is a registered company. The ‘Ordinary voting members are considered as shareholders’ of the company, i.e PCI. As per the Companies Act, no new members/ shareholders can cast a vote in Annual General Body meetings and elections for one year, from the date of their membership. The same law is applicable to the Press Club of India; which is flouting the ‘Orders of 2010, by Honb’le Delhi High Court, procured by Sandeep Dixit, ex Secretary General of The Press Club of India and Nirnimesh Kumar, who was then a Legal Correspondent of The Hindu. Vinay Kumar, Sandeep Dixit and Nirnimamesh worked at The Hindu. In 2010, the Delhi High Court, gave a ‘direction and Order’ that no new member from 2008 can participate in the voting in 2010 elections.

‘CHANGE’ was the slogan given by the Leftist Group, so to say! Since 2010, this alleged Leftist Group has monopolised the management of The Press Club of India. The same very ‘Order of Delhi High Court’ which was taken by this Leftist Group has not been put to practice by themselves, till date. This is Contempt of Court! The 2010 elections were held under the Delhi High Court’s appointed ‘Observer’.

Sandeep Dixit, although sacked from The Hindu and The Tribune, is the mastermind of these violations of the Orders of Hon’ble Delhi High Court. Nirnimesh Kumar has been terminated since the past few years, since he has been questioning the wrongdoings within The Press Club of India.

When the senior members of The Press Club of India, question the decisions of the Management Committee, they are arbitrarily ‘Terminated’ without a showcause notice. It is an obvious conspiracy that the new members are enrolled in ‘ordinary category membership’ so that they can cast their votes in favour of this management.

Thus these 500 to 600 new members become like the ‘British Pocket Boroughs’ of this Left Mafia of The Press Club of India. A group that was asking for a ‘Change’ is not allowing the ‘Change’ by their illegal arbitrariness.

It is time to challenge these elections of The Press Club Of India, by filing Election Petitions in Delhi High Court, where they will crumble like a ‘House of Cards’! The so-called elections in The Press Club of India are a mere farce and waste of resources and time.

It is not possible that one single panel, is continuously winning non stop for 12 years. This is arbitrary and dictatorial. How can Jitendra Singh, who is an employee of the Club and gets his salary from the member’s financial contribution to the Club, take decisions?

He is answerable to all members of the PCI. He behave like a decision maker, due to patronage by Vinay Kumar? Once a centre of intellectual conglomeration has now become a centre for Nazi, Hitler’s concentration camp, where free speech, democratic values and dignity of the club culture is completely eroded and dusted.

(Series to continue)

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