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Pranshu Mishra-

Dear All.

Last I had posted here was on June 1st. It was to announce my departure from the TV News innings. Exciting journey of 7 years at #News18 had then come to an end in order to pave way for a new beginning in professional life.

The new journey from there on started with #HindustanTimes . For almost 4 months since then, it was a lot of fresh learnings and coping up with new challenges.

There is surely a big difference between TV News nuiances and that of the print. However the most important common requirement is the ‘News Sense’. It is this understanding of News that drives any individual and the organization as the whole. So from one role to another, the proplent for the energy remains the same..’The News sense’..

Today I fondly recall the warm welcome that was extended to me by Sunita Aron ji and the team when I had joined Lucknow office of HT on June 12th, after a week long induction at the Delhi office.

The Months gone by were made a smooth sailing by Sunita ji and the team. Now as the baton of leadership passes on from her to me, the game has just begun.

Today on October 1st, I had taken over as Resident editor of HT’s Lucknow edition. I am over whelmed by the warm wishes and congratulatory messages extended by many of you.

My deepest regards to all of you.

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