प्रेस क्लब of इंडिया में करप्शन का मुद्दा गरमाया, 30 की agm में मैनेजमेंट होगा नंगा!

निर्निमेष कुमार-

Come at AGM on September 30, 10 a.m. and expose the management.

Dear Members

The Press Club of India has reached back the stage where it was ten years back– when it was freed off the caucus feeding off it, financially.

In the past ten years there have been numerous instances of financial irregularities.

Administrative irregularities are so much that it has innured the members to it. Transparency, the management dislikes the most.

The latest is the embezzlement of Rs. 5 lakh in cash by the then cashier. The auditor has flagged it in the balance sheet for the current financial year. But the management has covered it up by making mumbo jumbo statements that the pilfered money has been recovered and has refused to report it to the police.

More surprising for you and much more for us is the default on payment of GST amounting to more than Rs. 36 lakh. The GST registration has been cancelled. It is in litigation.

“The Press Club oflndia has not filed the GST Returns for the period from O I .09.2020 to 31.03.2021 due to temporary cancellation of GST Registration for non payment of GST dues in time and a total sum of Rs. 37,16,378.97 is payable as GST dues for such pending GST Returns out of which balance of Rs. 8,17, 119 has been deposited in the account of GST before the finalization of our audit, hence, net pending on account of GST dues Rs. 28,99,259.97 other than interes,” the auditor says in the balance sheet.

Further, the staff union, at some one’s instigation, struck work against lodging an FIR in the embezzlement case.

Lie is their USP. They killed the corruption case two years back but speak lie in the balance sheet that it is under investigation.
“There had been certain irregularities in the functioning of the club in the past. Hence a FIR dated 27-07-2011, detailing all these irregularities, was lodged against the members of the previous/then managing committee in the Parliament Street Police Station. Thematter is under investigation as on date” the balance sheet says.

While enumerating cases filed against the club, the management willfully forgets to mention that it has filed a suit for damages of Rs. five lakh against Nirnimesh Kumar through its henchman, office secretary Jitendra Singh.

While the club has huge financial liabilities, but there is no let in unnecessarily gilding the decrepit building. The interior as well as exterior have been converted into an ugly concrete jumble.

There isno dearth of staff, yet the management has appointed a new manager. What would the office secretary do?


Nirnimesh Kumar

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