कपिल सिब्बल भी चला चुके न्यूज चैनल, बरखा दत्त हुईं बागी

तिरंगा टीवी नाम से न्यूज चैनल लांच करने वाले जाने माने वकील और कांग्रेसी नेता कपिल सिब्बल केंद्र में मोदी सरकार रिपीट होने के बाद लगता है दुकान समेटने की फिराक में है. इसी कारण लगातार छंटनी करते जा रहे हैं और अब उनके चैनल की संपादक बरखा दत्त ने भी खुलकर मोर्चा ले लिया है.

सैकड़ों कर्मियों की सेलरी रोक रखने वाले कपिल सिब्बल और उनकी पत्नी की बरखा दत्त ने जमकर खबर ली है. तिरंगा टीवी की आंतरिक हालत और कपिल सिब्बल दंपत्ति के मीडिया विरोधी रवैये को लेकर बरखा के ढेर सारे ट्वीट के चलते मीडिया इंडस्ट्री में तहलका मचा हुआ है. पढ़ें बरखा के कुछ ट्वीट्स


barkha dutt

An appalling situation in @NewsHtn promoted by @KapilSibal & his wife, where more than 200 employees have had equipment confiscated and face sackings without even a 6 month pay out. Man who acts holier than though in public has treated journalists in a hideous way

Most people here, gave up other offers or left jobs on an assurance from @KapilSibal of a professionally run newsroom and a minimum tenure of 2 years. Neither husband nor wife have evenshowed up to talk to staff . But all live programming has been cancelled for 48 hrs..

Wife, who ran a meat factory, says loudly in the workplace, “I shut down factory withut giving a paisa to labour, who are these journalists to ask for 6 months salary.” Her labour should have been paid better, but her disparaing remarks of journalists is sickening

What is most shameful is that @KapilSibal earns crores every day and wont pay 200 employees the industry norm of 6 months or at least 3 months pay out, ruining the lives of 200 plus people.

Am told @KapilSibal & wife wanted to use Modi as excuse to sack staff saying Modi didnt let channel run. But to be absolutely blunt. GOI has done nothing. Husband and wife have not faced staff, went on holiday to london, while shutting shop, prompting me to call him Mallya

For fighting for rights of staff, I have been threatened with defamation and ordered to “withdraw my emails” comparing @KapilSibal to Mallya. I have refused. I support the staff of @NewsHtn and will help them fight this legally, with a criminal case and complain

Worst of all, @KapilSibal & wife have referred to female staffers as “Kutiya”or Bitch. This is a fit case for NCW @sharmarekha & we will place signed affidavits to prove our case.

Lastly, it would be easy for me to be silent. @KapilSibal owes a lot of us senior staff salary for a year and has refused to pay it. We will fight that legally. But what is more critical is 200 employees whose lives depend on this. Hope @IndEditorsGuild protects this staff

There has been more than ocassion when @KapilSibal has embarrassed himself. But a man who earns in the crores, duping and cheating journalists with a 2 year guarantee & then sacking them without the decency to even meet them, and then refusing to pay their dues- truly revolting

I would urge friends in the media fraternity and everyone with a voice to tweet @KapilSibal till he pays employees what is due to them instead of wriggling out with one month pay out and intimidating staff with threats of defamation & other Vakeel type tricks.

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