गुज़रे ज़माने के समाचार चैनल टीवीआई के 60 साथियों का केस : कोर्ट ने चैनल मालिक अशोक आडवाणी को सख़्त आदेश दिए

गुज़रे ज़माने के समाचार चैनल टीवीआई के संघर्षशील 60 साथियों ने अपने हक़ और सम्मान की ख़ातिर 17 साल से एक अलख़ जला रखी है। 25 मई को अदालत ने चैनल के मालिक अशोक आडवाणी के लिए सख़्त आदेश दिया है। नीचे एक मेल है जो सभी साठ लोगों को एक साथी की तरफ से जानकारी के लिए भेजा गया है और उसके बाद कोर्ट का आदेश है…

प्रिय साथियों,

टीवीआई के बकाया से जुड़े हमलोगों का जो केस साकेत कोर्ट में चल रहा है, उसमें कल अदालत ने बहुत अहम और विस्तृत आदेश जारी किया है। क़रीब दो घंटे चली बहस के बाद अदालत ने जो आदेश पारित किया है, उसे मैंने आप लोगों की जानकारी के लिए नीचे कॉपी-पेस्ट किया है।

बहस के दौरान आडवाणी के वकील ने मौखिक तौर पर कहा कि आडवाणी पैसे नहीं दे सकते, क्योंकि उनके पास पैसे हैं ही नहीं। लेकिन अदालत ने इस सिलसिले में उनकी ओर से दिये गये शपथपत्र को ख़ासा अपर्याप्त पाया और कहा कि अगले छह हफ़्ते में आडवाणी न सिर्फ़ अदालत को अपना विस्तृत ब्यौरा दें, बल्कि अगली तारीख़ यानी सोमवार, 25 जुलाई 2016 को कोर्ट में ख़ुद भी हाज़िर हों।

इस बीच, हम लोगों की जो कोशिश हाईकोर्ट जाने को लेकर की जा रही है, उस सिलसिले में भी अदालत ने अपने आदेश के पहले पेज़ पर अपना स्पष्ट आदेश दिया है। इसके आधार पर हमलोग जुलाई में दिल्ली हाईकोर्ट में अपनी फ़रियाद ले जाने की तैयारी करेंगे।

सादर और सस्नेह,

मुकेश कुमार सिंह

Ex. No. 46/16
Mukesh Kumar Singh Vs. Managment of M/s Business India Television International Ltd & Anr.
Present: Sh. Ashiwani Vaish and Sh. Vinod Kumar Pandey , Ld. counsel for DH with DH in person.
Sh. Aseem Mehrotra, Ld. counsel for JD.
At this stage, Ld. counsel for JD draws the attention of this court towards the previous order wherein Ld. counsel for DH requested the court to get the advance service of notice of demand U/s 433 and 434 of Companies Act 1956 upon the JD and the copy of the same was supplied to proxy counsel appearing for JD on the previous date.
Today, Ld. counsel for JD draws my attention towards the contents of Section 434 of Companies Act which speaks “—-as served upon the company, by causing it to be delivered at its registered office, by registered post or otherwise, a demand under his hand requiring the company to pay the sum so due—” and further submits that as per law, demand notice is required to be served by registered post or otherwise on the registered office of the company and with these submissions, he returned the copy of demand notice to Ld. Counsel for DH stating that he is counsel only in the matters pending before this court and he cannot accept the notice for the other matters.
Though the law requires demand notice to be served by registered post or otherwise, this court is of the view that the counsel for JD appearing before this court though may not be the counsel in the other matter but he is representing the company and may transmit the copy of the demand notice to the company and this mode of service is covered by word “or otherwise”. With these observations, objections of Ld. counsel are dealt with.
I have also heard the arguments on the application U/o 21 Rule 41 CPC from both the sides. It is contended on behalf of DH that in view of the directions given by the court, director of JD Company, Sh. Ashok H Advani filed his affidavit dated 26.09.2015 disclosing the assets and liability of the company but the bare perusal of contents of affidavit shows that he has not disclosed the full details with respect to companies. It is also further contended that the reason for not availability of book of account is mentioned in the affidavit even no FIR /NCR is placed on record regarding non-availability of the record. It is also further contended that auditor report placed on record is only in respect of one year i.e for the year 2012 and no further record is attached. It is also further submitted that in the balance sheet, it is stated that company is maintaining proper record showing full particulars including quantitative details and situation of Fixed Assets.
Per contra, Ld. counsel for JD submits that affidavit is true and correct version of liability and particulars given in the affidavit are true and correct and further states that there are no assets left in the company over the years. Whatever equipment, vehicle, computer etc., that are available have been sold as scrap and small liabilities of company is paid off.
I have gone through the contents of affidavit as well as document i.e balance sheet on record. This court is of the view that details as required in the affidavit are not disclosed by JD. Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in case “M/s Bhandari Engineers & Builders Pvt. Ltd Vs. M/s Maharia Raj Joint Venture &Ors”. has held that executing court may examine the judgment debtor orally and direct him to file an affidavit detailing how he wishes or proposes to satisfy the decree. Hon’ble Court further held that where the judgment debtor is a company, the Court can direct all the directors of the judgment debtor to file their personal affidavit containing the particulars set out in para 14 below.
As this court is of the view that details giving the affidavit are not sufficient to reach on the conclusion whether JD is having sufficient means to satisfy the decree or not. This court direct the directors of JD company to file their personal affidavit containing the particulars as under:-
(i) All the information and particulars with regard to their shareholding in judgment debtors, their involvement in the affairs of said judgment debtors and the nature of steps taken by them with regard to the management of the judgment debtors.
(ii) The Profit & Loss Account and the Balance Sheets of judgment debtors for the last three years;
(iii) The list of all the bank accounts of judgment debtors.
(iv) The names and residential addresses of the Directors of judgment debtors along with their PAN numbers and DIN numbers as well as complete particulars of all movable and immovable assets held in their personal names and the dates of their acquisition, and the nature of the right, title and interest therein;
(v) The address of the Registered Office and the Corporate or branch offices, if any, of judgment debtors.
(vi) The location of the statutory records and books of account of judgment debtors.
(vii) The list of immovable assets, land and building etc. of judgment debtors as on the date of the award;
(viii) The list of immovable assets, land and building of judgment debtors as on the date of filing the affidavit;
(ix) The list of the movable assets of judgment debtors, their location and value;
(x) The details of the debtors and creditors of judgment debtors with their complete addresses: and
(xi) The details of workmen/employees and any amount outstanding to them.
(xii) Whether judgment debtors have assets/means to satisfy the decree.
The affidavits in terms of para 14 be filed within a period of six weeks from today with advance copy to the counsel for the decree holder. The concerned directors of the judgment debtors shall remain possibly present on the next date of hearing to enable this Court to examine them, if required. The judgment debtors shall not dispose of, alienate, encumber either directly or indirectly or otherwise part with the possession of any assets of judgment debtors except in the ordinary course of business and payment of salary and statutory dues.
List for purpose fixed on 25.07.2016.
 ( Pooran Chand )
 ADJ-06, S.E, Saket Court,
 New Delhi/25.05.2016

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