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That’s a good initiative, something i have been fighting for, for a long time. After a sustained effort and a major struggle, we had managed to get temporary membership for 18 journalists. But even these members have not been made permanent members. The fear of those wielding power at UP Press Club (for indefinite terms) is that news members might tip the balance against the ‘thekedaars’ in the next Club election (whenever that happens!)

We will have to continue the pressure for opening up membership, though within the rules and norms of the Press Club.  There is no harm in or objection to the membership applications being screened by the Club’s screening committee. The point is that the applications should either be accepted or rejected (giving a valid reason). This state of limbo suits the powers-that-be but is totally unjustified and unacceptable, and needs to be condemned in the stongest terms.

We journalist who raise such a hue and cry about freedom of expression and democratic norms become a laughing stock when we ourselves make a mockery of elections and tenure of elected representatives within our fraternity, occupying  our seats and positions for years beyond our fixed term, deliberately or due to the power lust of others. Hope this renewed initiative bears fruit.

Best etc…

Deepak Gidwani

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