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IFWJ Condemns the Intimidation of Prasar Bharati to the PTI

Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) has deplored and expressed deep concern over the intimidatory letter of the government to the PTI through the Prasar Bharati, which is an autonomous body only for the namesake.

What has shocked the journalist’s community is that for the Prasar Bharti the news circulated by the PTI quoting the Chinese Ambassador in India has been considered to be “detrimental to national interest while undermining India’s territorial integrity” at a time of the ongoing India -China standoff at the Line of Actual Control (LKAC)in the Gulwan Valley. Such missives by the government to any news organisation send the wrong message to the democratic countries of the world because India is seen as the role model of democracy, where ‘freedom of speech and expression’ of every citizen thrives without any fetters.

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IFWJ President BV Mallikarjunaih and the Secretary Siddharth Kalhans have said in a statement that the Indian nationalism is not so fragile and vulnerable as to be threatened by the circulation of the statement of the Chinese Ambassador in India. On the contrary, it is proof of the robust and independent journalism, which provides space also for the views of a hostile country. India is not like China where the government hides even the casualties during skirmishes at the order. People have the right to know all sides of the story and the journalists are expected to report them.

Any attempt by the government to muzzle the freedom of the journalist must be condemned in strongest term, said the IFWJ in its release.

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Shri Bhagwan Bhardwaj

Office-Secretary: IFWJ

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