जस्टिस मार्कंडेय काटजू का मजाकिया बयान हाईकोर्ट के जज साहब पर भारी पड़ गया!

Markandey Katju : In a divorce case I was hearing in the Supreme Court I said orally in lighter vein “If you want happiness in life do whatever your wife tells you to do. If she tells you to turn your head to the left, turn it left. If she tells you to turn it right, turn in right. Don’t ask the reason. Just do it.”

In the evening I saw this statement being flashed on many T.V. screens, and the next day in the newspapers. There was a lot of discussion on it thereafter among people, and in the media.

An Allahabad High Court Judge, who is well known to me, telephoned me the next day complaining that his wife, who was ordinarily very obedient to him, has revolted, saying that you are only a High Court Judge, but this ruling has come from the Supreme Court, and now you have to listen to me.

A senior Supreme Court lawyer (who is my friend, and a former Acting Chief Justice of Patna High Court) said in my Court “Aapne har ghar mein jhagda karwa diya”

This is the danger of speaking in lighter vein!

चर्चित जज रहे और इन दिनों प्रेस काउंसिल आफ इंडिया के चेयरमैन के रूप में कार्यरत मार्कंडेय काटजू के फेसबुक वॉल से.

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