sexual harassment of a female PhD. scholar in DU by a Prof. of St. Stephens college

New Delhi : Disha Student organisation organized a protest demonstration at Arts Faculty, University of Delhi, North campus to protest against the sexual harassment of a female PhD. scholar by her guide, a Prof. in St.Stephens College. The matter of sexual harassment came forward after the victim lodged an F.I.R against the teacher. The Scholar had reported the incident with the college authorities but she added that when she took the matter up with the internal affairs committee of the college, the principal tried to persuade her to drop the charges.

The college authorities seemed reluctant to take any action regarding the accused teacher after which the scholar withdrew the complaint from the Internal affairs of the college and lodged an F.I.R against the teacher who sexually harassed her. Delhi University is one of the reputed universities of India and when such heinous acts of violence against women can take place here clearly the state of affairs elsewhere can be imagined. Disha student Organization strongly condemned the incident and demanded that strict action be taken against the teacher. Baby from Disha Student organization said while addressing the students gathered outside arts faculty that such acts of violence against women in a seat of learning raise the ever pertinent question that why is gender equality still an illusory dream, such acts indicate that the ingrained patriarchal values have not been done away with.

Women today need to be articulate and raise their voice against any such acts, silence against such acts of violence only encourage anti-women crimes. We are proud of the Scholar who didnt give in to the pressure put on her by the college authorities regarding delay in getting her PhD degree if the matter is made public. The courage of the girl needs to be applauded and made an example of. However the fight against anti-women crimes will not won if one confines themselves to the premises of the university. The women students should form squads among themselves and go the the common people and urge them to join this fight only then can we have a fair chance of winning this fight. The people who perpetuate such acts think that they can get away with such acts because the victim will not make the incident public out of shame and societal pressure. This very attitude fuels the patriarchal machinery. To fight the patriarchal value system the culprit needs to be shamed and not the other way round. Students from different colleges participated in the protest demonstration. Stree Mukti league and Naujawan Bharat sabha also joined the protest in solidarity.

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