हर्षिता अग्रवाल का कविता संग्रह- ‘Fool (for) Love’

Love is the ultimate gift in our lives. Love is the ultimate tragedy, too. Either way, it has too much power over us. To take some control back, sometimes we need to fool love, and for that, we need to know love.


Ancient Greeks had seven words for love: Storge, Eros, Ludus, Agape, Pragma, Philia and Philautia. That’s how complicated it is! But when broken down to basics, each is quite simple in its own right. Fool (for) Love is a collection of 7 short stories, each a tête-à-tête with each kind of love, in all its majesty and malignance.

Each story looks at characters bound by one or the other love, as they transition from one to another or mistake one kind of love for another or even give up on love altogether.

Each story goes beyond a happy or tragic ending, to see how the character has grown, owing to their encounter with love.

But most importantly, each story gives the reader an avenue to bare their souls to themselves and ask a simple question: Have I ever been a fool for love? And while we might have been a fool for love at some point, the more important question is: Can we fool love?

कुछ टिप्पणियां देखें-

Vidhya thakkar-
The characters are well developed by the author making the reader think about Love. How they mistake one kind of love for another or even give up on love altogether.

There are stories which are a bit unrealistic but overall, I enjoyed reading them especially Lasting ~effects of~ love

The unpredictable stories, with a blend of different plots, is something you are definitely going to love to read this weekend.

Vivek Kumar-
This book is one of those rare ones which brings human emotions about love and romance to the surface without ever making the reader disassociate with him/herself. I found myself embodying the characters of the stories and living their experiences through my own perception of the world. This book gives the reader the imagination to ponder over all the different kinds of love that have touched his/her life and dream about that which hasn’t yet crossed his path. For anyone who is looking to get immersed in beautiful storytelling and explore their own complex emotions, this book has to be on top of your lists! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Prabhu Shri-
You can’t avoid love. No one would want to. Not just the romantic version but the love that blooms between a father and a daughter, a mother and son, a pet and its owner. Every individual comes across ‘love’ somewhere in their life. As I said in the first sentence; you can’t avoid love, but can you fool it?

Fool (for) Love by Harshita Agarwal revolves around the theme of ‘love’. It is a collection of seven beautifully crafted short-stories that explore love in different lights.

The blurb of the book has something quite interesting. It mentions how Ancient Greeks had seven words for each type of love. I, being unaware of this fact, was taken by surprise. How absolutely beautiful and wondrous is this. The author, using this, has written these seven stories on seven types of love.

The book talks about how love impacts life of individuals in different ways. The characters of each story are deep; their stories profound. Each tale ends not with a happy or sad ending, but with the evolvement of characters. How they fall or overcome the love. How it affected them. The story I loved the most was the one based on ‘self-love’. The way the author has weaved the concept is delighting to read.

The writing, language, narrative; everything about it was smooth and flowing, the kind you just keep reading through. Honestly speaking, I am in ‘love’ with the book. Harshita Agarwal deserves a round of applause for this work.

I can’t say this is recommended to everyone; the book’s age rating is 16+. To all those who fall under this and enjoy a mix of contemporary and romance; Fool (for) Love is highly recommended.

Fool (for) Love is a story that discusses the 7 words of love by ancient Greeks: Storge, Eros, Ludus, Agape, Pragma, Philia and Philautia. The author has taken each word and told a story that defines its meaning. The commendable thing done by the author is that all the stories are interconnected to each other through its characters which makes it fall into a single plot with multiple layers and loose ends. Secondly, what I liked about the book is its ability to alienate itself from cliched love stories that always provide you a happy ending. Here, the stories are realistically told to convey the message that what we always take for love might not be real but our foolishness or blindness. The unrequited loves led the characters to understand themselves and lead a better life and not be the purpose of someone else’s life but of their own.

Overall, I enjoyed reading it. It sort of reminded my of ‘Before the coffee gets cold’ where all the four stories and its characters were interlocked and reached a proper ending. However, at some parts the stories seemed a little bit unrealistic, cliched and movie-like which is definitely a turn off when you also admire their main message of falsity of love.

I’ll recommend this to people who firstly, love reading romantic fiction, secondly, liked books structured like ‘Before coffee gets cold’ and lastly, dig realistic love stories.

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