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उत्तराखंड के एक न्यूज चैनल में कार्यरत लड़की का इस्तीफानामा पढ़ें

उत्तराखंड के एक समाचार चैनल में काम करने वाली इंटर्न लड़की ने एचआर को पत्र लिख इस्तीफा भेजा. एचआर ने रिप्लाई कर कारण पूछा तो लड़की ने विस्तार से कारण समझाया.

ऐसा बताया जा रहा है कि लड़की को आफिस के ही कुछ लोग परेशान करते थे. उसने मैनेजमेंट से शिकायत की लेकिन कोई कार्रवाई नहीं हुई. मैनेजमेंट उस रिपोर्टर के साथ खड़ा रहा जो लड़कियों व अन्य लोगों को परेशान करता रहता है. इससे तंग आकर लड़की इस्तीफा देकर चली गई.

चैनल का नाम एचएनएन न्यूज है.

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आप भी देखें इस्तीफा और उससे संबंधित मेलबाजी-

First of all ,thanks for your acknowledgement. Discussing about the unreasonable demands put by the HR are been listed below

  1. Resignation is the only exception you are considering instead of this pandemic and the company has made lots of exception by providing work from home and providing our delayed salary through Gpay.
  2. Hiring randomly unproductive interns who don’t even know how to copy and paste and then expecting productive results from them.
  3. Complaining about less interaction from web team to the other departments and when asked what type of interaction she want from our side, to which she meant just be part of the gossips the other departments do throughout the day and if I elaborate more then it simply means be the part of the senseless talks which was really vulgar and unacceptable for anyone in the work environment.
  4. Also if I talk about DPR (Daily Progress Report), I cannot understand the concept that only Web team have to Give there DPR why isn’t other departments not liable for the same report , The video editors, output, input, reporters etc. Don’t get me wrong it’s the right thing to fill DPR but why just us, Is there something special about us or something special about them?
    and I am not talking about “Work from home scenario”(it’s understood), I am talking about when I was in office or the people who are already working in office right now.

Why isn’t all the teams in HNN treated equally

Secondly, now talking about the problems for which the management has not taken any action even being addressed.

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  1. Knowing the capacity of the office ,HR still keeps on hiring more and more people irrespective of the space we have and the talent we are hiring, there was a time when 2 persons were sitting on one chair and the HR addresses this issue with the abrupt answer that you should be thankful that we are letting you to sit, previous interns could not sit at all.

(This is pure mismanagement not a thing to be proud of)

2.Another one is that when talked to her about the precaution (e.g. Asking for corona test from people travelling inter-state) we should take in corona as most of our team member have a patients at their home whose life could be compromised if by mistake one of us get positive as its very easy to spread in our office considering the way of hiring I mentioned above . Her response to this was this ; “It’s no big deal hamre office me kitne logo ko hoke nikal gaya, kisi ko hoga b to vo btaega n….hame office band thodi karna hai, Pichla saal bhi ese hi nikala hamne”
and this conversation is of April 2021.

3.The most important for which I have to give my resignation is not addressing the salary issue, even avoiding that conversation and if someone by mistake starts the conversation then we don’t have funds and that’s it.
At least a person can have a meeting and address the issue that we are delaying your salary by stating the reason and giving the timespan for the delayed.

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  1. Thirdly, which is not addressing the issue which girls have to face in the office ,even when my friend approached HR for the misbehavior she has been through by the male employee to which HR replied avoid it and the funniest thing here is she went to that male employee and told him, oh you know she was saying this about you and was laughing at the situation.

Now talking about the exceptions which I made for the company because I think this is important to be address here.

  1. First of all, I have come to office in a plaster for over a month when even the lift is not working and also I am not getting paid that time. Because, I don’t work for money alone, I work for the good of organization and its vision.
  2. Secondly, I have two offers in hand of 6 lakh per annum, but I stayed here because I believed in the potential of this company and have faith in the vision of our team leader.
  3. Thirdly, I was up for any kind of work and building that same vision within my team; Never have I ever said that this doesn’t come under my work and restricted myself.

At the last I just want to say that, there are changes needed to be made in the management for the sake of the company because, I am not the only one who has resigned due to the reasons listed above as there are many employees who had to do the same because there is no choice left for us, it’s just they didn’t speak up and I did.

And talking about my salary, if you’re still not able to make an exception of paying my salary to my account through Gpay then utkarsh as my team leader will receive it on my behalf .

By the way this was also asked by me to let someone receive it on my behalf before my resignation. But I guess the resignation was more important to you than to make an EXCEPTION.

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