श्रमिक विरोधी कानूनों के खिलाफ 26 नवंबर के आम हड़ताल को इस पत्रकार संगठन ने दिया समर्थन

Hyderabad/Chandigarh, November 24: Indian Journalists Union (IJU) supported and expressed solidarity with the November 26 general strike, and other forms of agitations called by 10 central trade unions in protest against the central government’s policies including new labour and farm laws as well as privatisation of public sector units.

IJU National Executive Committee which met virtually on 24th November expressed anguish over the anti labour laws of the Union Government including repealing of the Working Journalists and Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service and Other Miscellaneous Provisions Act and the Working Journalists (Fixation of Wages) Act and 12 other labour laws. The four codes bought in place of labour laws are detrimental to the rights of labour achieved after long struggles and sacrifices.

With the repeal of the Working Journalists (Fixation of Wages) Act journalist fraternity in the country are deprived of uniform wages. The NEC has decided to support and expressed solidarity with the November 26th agitations. IJU President K Sreenivas Reddy, Secretary General Balwinder Singh Jammu appealed state unions to participate and express solidarity with the general strike.
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(Y Narender Reddy)

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