जाने-माने पत्रकार विनोद मेहता ने केजरीवाल के बारे में अपनी किताब में क्या लिखा है, पढ़िए

Vivek Satya Mitram : These days, I am reading veteran journalist Vinod Mehta’s fabulous autobiography — Editor Unplugged. I could not control myself from sharing how he introduced Mr Arvind Kejriwal in one of the chapters in the book.

He has written— “As an editor of forty years standing, I thought I had perfected an essential skill: spotting frauds, charlatans, megalomaniacs, self appointed messiahs, confidence tricksters, and inveterate losers. I was quite proud of this talent till Arvind Kejriwal appeared on the scene. He completely bamboozled me.”

Mr Mehta! I am damn sure that you are not alone in this agony!

कई चैनलों में वरिष्ठ पदों पर काम कर चुके और इन दिनों बतौर उद्यमी सक्रिय विवेक सत्य मित्रम की एफबी वॉल से.

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