It is official, Jitendra Singh runs PCI, Lakhera condemns Vinay for defending Singh

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Nirnimesh Kumar-

There was an acrimonious war of words between outgoing Secretary-General Vinay Kumar and retiring president of the Press Club of India early this month over Vinay Kumar’s unilaterally giving a clean chit to office secretary Jitendra Singh in the matter of delay in renewing bar licence leading to disruption in the supplies for near about a month.
In his September 3 letter addressed to Vinay Kumar Umakant Lakhera said, I quote, “I find your (Vinay Kumar) defence of Jitendra Singh Singh both unwarranted and misplaced for a variety of reasons.”

“I must convey the absolute shock that several MC members, including I, felt over the matter in which you stepped up to defend the office manager, especially when he has repeatdly flouted established procedures and is a habitual offender when it comes to badmouthing and sidelining elected team,” Lakhera charged.

“Crucially, he (Jitendra Singh) has acted without any semblance of transparency or accountability. It is event that the inquiry committee raised questions about Jitendra Singh conduct and held him accountable for misleading both the MC and the inquiry committee,” Lakhera further alleged.
“Instead, you (Vinay Kumar) set a precedent that is of concern itself– you unilaterally forced your one-sided opinion on the committee by accepting Jitendra Singh’s ridiculous…” Lakhera fumed over the misconduct of Vinay Kumar.

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