दो मीडिया हाउसों के एचआर की कहानी- ”किसी की पैरवी है आपके पास?”

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Hi all,

Although I didn’t want to share with you but now I feel it is must to share that how people from Hr Department waste job seeker candidates time. I guess they believe that they are equal to God and all job seekers are beggars.

Incident No-1

A friend of mine who is also a Hindi writer/journalist yesterday he received an interview call from India’s most trusted  media house that has both Hindi and English Language services for their readers. After completing the call the Hr said he is going to send him an SMS regarding Interview schedule, but he didn’t. Today Morning when my friend called him up regarding the interview schedule the Hr said that I thought I have sent you yesterday, its OK now I am going to send you an SMS…..

At the time of Interview my Friend was there in front of the Hr, Who took him to another room for written test. There my friend was given a laptop by some IT guy to do some translation job English to Hindi, to check his skills. As soon as my friend had stated his test he found there no Hindi Software in the given laptop, he asked the IT guy that where to get the Hindi Font?  Initially the IT guy was clueless, later some other person suggested him to the translation with the help of Google translation. My friend who is from a long time into Hindi Media knew everything but he was just observing the services or the system of their interview process. He started doing the translation with the help of Google tool. After completing the first paragraph…. all of sudden the laptop went off…. and he lost all his translated content as it was on Google tool.

He called the IT guy instantly who came and reacted very casually and after some technical exercise the laptop got started However he started doing the same task again the translation and after doing one and half paragraph translated the laptop went off again….

Now my friend became fed up with that, again he called up the IT Guy who was shocked and saying in Hindi “बंद कैसे हो गया ये?”   Before the IT Guy started the same IT Exercise again my friend asked him, that he wants to meet the Hr. Now the Hr has nothing to justify their services. He asked my Friend to wait outside after 5 minutes later the Hr came to my friend and said “YOU CAN LEAVE” without even saying sorry for his 3rd class services and for wasting someone’s precious time

Incident No-2

Around 6 months back another friend of mine who is also a Hindi writer/journalist received a call from one of the leading Hindi News paper. The female Hr told him that she got his CV from job portal and invited him for the interview. She sent him an email for the Interview scheduled.

While my friend reached their office he called the Hr before entering the office who answered him that she doesn’t sit at that office. However she guided him to go and meet the editor. My friend went to the reception of that Media House where he was guided towards the editor’s room. 

After some time he was sitting in front of the editor, the editor went through his CV and asked him 5 to 7 questions. Later the editor asked him “किसी की पैरवी है आपके पास?” My friend was shocked as he was called by their Hr Team; He said No, I got a call from your Company’s Hr department. The editor didn’t reply him anything… after that my friend was asked to wait and then he was finally answered actually there is no such post for which he was called, so he can leave. After coming out from the premises my friend called that female Hr to tell what he faced but she never received his call.


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