पत्रकार सौरभ पर मॉडल/एक्ट्रेस चारू ने लगाए गंभीर आरोप

चारू शर्मा

Charu Sharma : Let’s make you famous. Next time you will respect all girls. Guys please be aware, there is a guy Saurabh Sharma who’s working as a Reporter and Spoiling Reporter’s name. Now Who started doing Casting as well.

as my friend told me about him he said in front of so many people in office that he casted me in some project and in bhai saab ne humko ghumay bhi hua hai. Aur sath he sath, he said charu sharma had very big expectations which he couldn’t fulfill so now he don’t talk much with me, excuse me do you know anything about me ??

Pehle to mere bhai ye batao aap mujhse kab aur kaha mile ho.

Office k bahar

Ya kabhi mera interview lene aaye they

Saurabh sharma i just added you here because you are a media person and I thought you would a good person but I forgot that there are so many bad elements in our society in which you are also one of them.

Tell me one thing how dare you to talk bad about me in office, may be you forgot that I already worked with News Nation when you were doing work with some xyz channel.

Still i have more contacts than you in News Nation. How can you talk about a girl without knowing her, do you know me?

Did you ever meet me ? Mere bhai apne mujhe ghuma kab liya koi nai I’m coming to office to meet with Boss to talk about you, if you can’t respect a girl than better you don’t speak anything about her!
This time I’m just going to talk with your Senior, if you repeat something like this in future I’m going to take a legal action against you!

No body have Right to speak bad about any girl or anyone!

I know my Rights very well.


Charu Sharma

मुंबई की एक्ट्रेस और मॉडल चारू शर्मा की एफबी वॉल से.

पत्रकार के सवाल पर अखिलेश यादव ने आपा खोया

पत्रकार के सवाल पर अखिलेश यादव ने आपा खोया

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