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Modi ji is a marketing genius : Mallikarjun Kharge

“BJP repeats lies until they are believed as truth”, Mallikarjun Kharge remarks

New Delhi, March 29, 2024: Congress Leader and Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Mallikarjun Kharge candidly addressed critical issues and priorities facing the nation in an insightful session at the ABP ‘Shikhar Sammelan’, today. Speaking about Bharatiya Janata Party, Mallikarjun Kharge said, “BJP repeats lies until they are believed as truth. Many promises like 2 crore jobs, 15 lakh rupees, double MSP for farmers, and increased scholarships for students remain unfulfilled. Modi ji is a marketing genius, focusing solely on infrastructure while ignoring unemployment. We must check ground realities, not just believe TV ads.”

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“Congress is not in the habit of telling lies. In India, where there was no power to produce a needle, we made rockets here. We fought with Pakistan, and liberated Bangladesh,” he added.

Kharge on BJP’s accusations of corruption and nepotism in Congress, commented, “BJP cleans its image using a ‘washing machine’ when caught in scandals. After 1989, no family members from the Gandhi family has become Prime Minister, Chief Minister, or held significant positions. BJP’s attacks a family that sacrificed their lives for the country. Youngsters don’t know why Indira Gandhi was killed. They just know what Modi is saying and believe that. The Congress party built India’s foundations; BJP just advertises on clean sheets.”

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Reflecting upon Congress’ handling of election pressure, Kharge said, “If faced with unlawful actions, we must resist to protect fundamental rights and democracy. BJP leaders like Nirmala Sitharaman (Minister of Finance of India) claim financial shortages despite massive donations. They target the opposition with penalties, locking our accounts, and creating an unfair playing field. Modi ji’s priorities seem to be misplaced, focusing on trivial matters while ignoring serious issues like law and order problems in Manipur. BJP benefits most from electoral bonds and misuses institutions like ED and CBI.  Their actions resemble deception rather than governance.”

Speaking about why many leaders from the opposition and Congress are joining the BJP, he said, “Some leaders leave despite getting what they want, showing they lack ideological commitment. Our focus is on uniting and strengthening India, regardless of the number of supporters.”

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Speaking about the chances of the INDIA alliance winning the next election, Kharge said,“We acknowledge challenges in alliance management but emphasise unity for democracy’s sake. We are determined to win the necessary seats to defeat BJP’s dominance. We highlight BJP’s failures compared to our contributions post-independence. BJP’s promises like job creation and increased income for farmers remain unfulfilled, while they suppress dissent and focus on fear tactics. Our alliance prioritizes democracy, constitution, and citizens’ rights over personal ambitions. We aim to eradicate BJP’s ideology for a better India.”

The ‘Shikhar Sammelan’ crystallized ABP News’ unwavering commitment to invigorating democratic dialogue and fostering an informed electorate poised to shape the nation’s destiny. As the herald of democracy reverberates across the land, ABP News remains steadfast in its mission to illuminate the path forward, emboldening citizens with the power of knowledge and civic engagement.

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