An Open Letter to new PCI president Shri Gautam Lahiri

Dear Sir,

Please accept my Durga Puja and Dussehra greetings.

Congratulations on your resounding victory. I impose great trust in your able leadership as president of the Press Club of India (PCI). You have earned respect and admiration all these years through your sheer hard work and integrity. But, Sir, at PCI you have succeeded something which I would describe as a “bed of thorns”. The erstwhile PCI Secretary-General has left behind him a legacy of falsehood, distrust, and fraud played by him on the Club, in general, and members, in particular.

I am sure you must be aware that the erstwhile Secretary-General gave Club membership to undeserving people all these years just to satiate his lust of cheap vote-bank politics. His shamelessness was at its nadir this year when he did not even care to display the list of new members, perhaps for fear of being exposed.

Considering the high standards of journalism you have set all these years before us, I would expect that you make sure the list of new PCI members (made earlier this year) is properly displayed both at the Club’s notice board and website. This would enable all PCI members to know the ‘credentials’ of the new members. As president of the PCI you have all the powers to do the above mentioned. It is also expected of you that you would not allow this practice (of awarding PCI membership to undeserving people) to continue during your tenure as PCI president.

Also, I would like to draw your kind attention towards a number of false affidavits and forged documents (i.e. minutes of meetings) which the erstwhile Secretary-General produced before different courts of law in Delhi in cases filed by PCI members on the Club. Exercising the powers bestowed on you as PCI president, please look into all these acts of fraud committed by the erstwhile Secretary-General, thereby ensuring that JUSTICE IS NEITHER DELAYED NOR DENIED to PCI members.

Sir, today is Dussehra. This festival symbolises triumph of Good over Evil. May this spirit prevail inside the Press Club of India too…under your able leadership!!

Pankaj Yadav
Senior Journalist

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