JIIT के शिक्षकों-छात्रों की जान साँसत में डाले है प्रबंधन!

We, the students of JIIT, understand that education is a very crucial part of the development of the students, Nation and the world. However, we would like to bring to your notice that the global pandemic is the most unfortunate and unanticipated event that will be seen by several generations.

It is crucial that in such times, we stand together and keep health and wellness as a priority, as also is being enforced by the Government of India.

It is disheartening to see that our faculty and students have to join for lectures while being COVID-19 patients, it is immoral on our grounds to attend such classes where our peers and professors are in such a bad state of health and we still keep education a priority. With all due respect, we would like to raise a concern towards the functioning of online classes during the second wave of the COVID pandemic by the JIIT authorities. A few issues being faced by all of us being:


  • Teachers are being forced to work even when they are ill and being told to provide medical reports to justify their leaves and even after that paid leaves are not being given to them.
  • A lot of teachers have to take intensive care of their families who are suffering from COVID which cannot be done while simultaneously teaching students.
  • Currently, as everyone might know, getting tested is very difficult with either the testing being closed or long lines at hospitals with results getting delayed up to a week. This one week period is the most crucial time for the patients to take a rest and it is during this time that the teachers are made to work.
  • The mental health of the teachers has been on a constant decline due to pressure from the illness, financial troubles and fear of losing the job. These aspects are visible in their way of teaching as well.

  • Many students are ill in the current paradigm and can’t attend classes. Although an attendance buffer is being guaranteed by most of the teachers on an informal basis, the students are missing out on a lot of lectures that can’t and won’t be redone by the college authorities.
  • Other students are taking care of their families in these times of needs and can’t focus on classes and can’t do the abundance of assignments, tutorials and examinations that is being pushed down on them, this WILL decrease the performance of many students in the exam because of something they don’t even have any control on.
  • Many students might get debarred because of not being able to attend classes after being infected by the COVID virus, this will be highly unfortunate as they will have to redo the subject and increase the pressure on them for no fault of their own.
  • Now with all the problems being mentioned to the college authorities, we believe what the college authorities should do is:
  • Close Online Classes for the next 14 days with immediate effect so that everyone can prioritise their health and their loved ones without worrying about college and studies in this difficult time. Such initiatives have been taken by many universities in the Delhi-NCR region such as Dr B.R. Ambedkar University, DNLU, DTU, NSUT, Bennett University, Amity University etc. This solution will solve all the problems and would be highly appreciated by everyone.
  • It is time for taking grounds on Humanity as an urgent requirement, and for the same, all students and teachers have come together to a consensus to stand with the patients and sufferers. It is time to bend and learn and stand for the vulnerable, We expect urgent action for the above-mentioned issues from the college authorities. Your decision on this issue has the potential to save lives and it’s a request to you to please do that.
  • Kindly do the needful, Together is the only way we will fight!

(छात्रों द्वारा जनहित में जारी अपील)

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