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Dear Yashwant ji,  Still my hands are trembling , am shaken and eyes full of tears. Do not know how am I even writing all this. It feels as he was just there with me. A while ago. On whatsapp, on facebook, on gmail chat, on phone – blessing me from India. Our chat only used to  start with me saying CHARANSPARSH DADA with a reply coming from him many times as KALYANAM ASTU.

13th October he told me he came out of DD … Below are the excerpts from the gmail chat i had last with him..

Monday, October 13, 2014:

    Ajay N Jha – 11:53 AM
    kya babu. kya haal?

    Amit Kakkar – 11:55 AM
    dada pranam

    Ajay N Jha – 11:57 AM
    theek thaak…
    I came out of DD last friday…
    was getting sick there.
    it is looked after by a bunch of jokers who have no vision,.. just pen pushers…
    thinking of doing something out of the box…..

    Amit Kakkar – 11:59 AM
    ohhh ok
    like what ??
    but sir salary to aa rahi thi and it was givt job
    govt job

    Ajay N Jha – 12:00 PM
    in life, you are faced with chicken or egg.

    Amit Kakkar – 12:00 PM
    but whats the fresh plan now

    Ajay N Jha – 12:00 PM
    I have to bother about kevin’s education.. his future.. I am thinking of shifting back to Bangalore…

    Amit Kakkar – 12:00 PM
    but what job there ?

    Ajay N Jha – 12:01 PM
    i would go back to academics.. may be as HOD of some media institution…

    Amit Kakkar – 12:05 PM
    kya sir…is time apka apna ek channel hona chahiye tha
    kuch karo na

    Ajay N Jha – 12:05 PM
    i never tried to become, Rajdeep, Chaurasia aur Raajiv shukla.. I always remained on my own….

    Amit Kakkar – 12:06 PM
    i know

    Ajay N Jha – 12:06 PM
    let us see how things develop from here….

    Amit Kakkar – 12:06 PM
    u r a different league all together
    but sarkari naukri thi sir …chalao na

    Ajay N Jha – 12:16 PM
    it was a consultants job babu.. no fixed sarkari naukri…
    advisors and consultants in DD are the same.

    Amit Kakkar – 12:41 PM
    but money was coming

    Ajay N Jha – 1:44 PM
    kevin’s future is more important.

    Amit Kakkar – 2:31 PM
    but sir money se hi to future banega
    either u take me also along with u and i can also teach advertising

    Ajay N Jha – 2:32 PM
    i would find the way.

    Amit Kakkar – 2:32 PM
    and i will be under ur guidance which i always wanted

    Ajay N Jha – 2:33 PM

    Amit Kakkar – 2:36 PM
    when r u planning to shift base

    Ajay N Jha – 2:36 PM
    next year

i am into media because of ajay sir. he knew my passion about journalism while i worked in advertising solutions sales. he groomed me into doing both. he used to tell me to do journalism as passion but earn money and incentives through advertising. Your words of wisdom echoing in my mind ajay sir. Why did you leave me like this ?

Amit Kakkar


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