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बांग्लादेश के पत्रकार तहसीन महमूद को दिल्ली की मीडिया से मदद की दरकार, पढ़ें ट्रेन में क्या हुआ

This is Tahseen Mahmood, from Bangladesh, working as assistant editor of Roar Bangla. Last night I had a train journey by Toofan Express, from Agra to Delhi. The train started on around 10pm. At around 1 pm near Mathura Rail Junction, a hijacker suddenly pulled the bag from one of my friend from the bogie S4. the guy pulled her very hard and she just felt on the platform. and then the attacker tried to push her to the rail line, might had an intention to kill her.

We pulled the chain, rescued her while she was senseless. After the incident, as we are journalist, we tried to investigate the incident instantly. There were two army guys in civil dress on the train. They helped us there. We suspected some guys there and got some information of some people who might be connected with a criminal gang.

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In the morning we filed FIR at the police station beside rail station. We wanted to give the name, numbers and other info to the police, but they refused to take those instantly.

We will leave Delhi tonight. The girl who has been hijacked is a student of University of Dhaka, distinguished with gold medal and Dean’s award. The attacker might killed her if she weren’t strong enough to resist. We want to share the information with media and meet a reporter of crime beat if possible today. Otherwise it will just be another typical incident of snatching and no justice will be done.

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My number in India is +917605888090. We are staying at Basant Road, near New Delhi rail station.

Thanks and regards.

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Tahseen Mahmood
Assistant Editor, Roar Bangla
[email protected]

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