बीमा के 65 लाख वसूलने के लिए रच डाली कार लूट की साजिश!

Noida : BMV 5 series car was looted on the night of 14th March from a stock broker. On Investigation it has been found that due to the ongoing crisis in stock market and yes bank scandal, 3 accused, all relatives and working as stock brokers, having investments in yes bank, committed a stage managed robbery to get RS 65 lacs insurance on their BMV car.

They escaped to Mumbai after parking the robbed BMV in the parking of a society with one accused left back to report the stage managed robbery to police.
When the whole scene of crime was recreated and minute to minute technical analysis was done, some loopholes were found in their stage managed robbery. On further interrogation, police was able to get a confession from the accused and this led to the recovery of the original BMV.

Seeing the complexity of the staged managed robbery case by 3 stock brokers, Commissioner of Police, Gautambudh nagar has announced a 1 lakh reward to the police team that recovered the BMV.

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